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Here in beautiful Pueblo West, Colorado,  at Dal's Alley we are proud to consider ourselves preservation breeders with a goal always in mind, to work hard to preserve the Dalmatian breed the way it was intended to be from the very beginning...sound, confident temperments and good health are paramount, but we strive to give people treasured companions driven and versatile, full of humor and antics and happy to be by your side.


Myself and my husband Greg, are always proud to share that every puppy is raised inside our loving and "pawsatively" chaotic home where an emphasis is always placed on socialization and preperation for experiences that will come hopefully, over the next 16 plus years.  


Every puppy is raised with the principles of "Puppy Culture"  in mind and I am proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit Silver! 


If you are new to Dalmatians, you may not realize it,  but we believe you should be prepared for them to live "ON" you, not just "WITH" you...as they are velcro to put it mildly, but with them, you will experience an unbridled and unconditional love like you have never experienced before, along with a bond that cannot be duplicated!


Weather you are looking for a new and beautiful companion to step into the Dog Show ring, Agility or Obediance ring, a partner in Scent Work, Road Trials or just a jogging and hiking pal, it would be our pleasure to invite you to take a minute to browse our site and learn more about our Dalmatian family, the Dalmatian Breed and any upcoming litters of Dalmatian puppies that may be on the way!


~Carey and Greg Moreschini






Dal's Alley Dalmatians
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