Essential Oils Recipes

Anxiety and Stress: To help treat Anexiety and Stress in dogs:  Apply 1 drop Lavender and Grounding Blend OR 1 drop Frankencense as often as hourly to the stomach area.  Oils can also be applied to a cotton ball, allowing the dog to smell the oils.  Never place oils directly in the eye, ear or mouth of the animal.


Diarreha and Vomiting:  Apply 1 to 2 drops each of Digestve Blend and Myrrh 4-6 times daily as needed.


Chewing:  Add 5 to 6 drops of Black Pepper or Citrus oil to a 4oz bottle of water, shake well and spray generously on a hiddden area of your furniture.


Pyometra:  Apply 1 to 2 drops of Frankincense, Helicchrysum and Geranium 2 to 3 times daily.


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