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Dal's Alley Dalmatians is located in beautiful Pueblo West Colorado.  We have spent most of our lifetime owning, rescuing and loving Dalmatians.  With our two sons (Jarek and Jaydon) in college, we kid, that we have replaced them with Dalmatians! 


We are active in many different disciplines with our Dals, including Conformation, Nose Work, Rally, Dock Diving and Barn Hunting.  We are grateful for all of the very special people that have entered our lives due to Dalmatians especially, our local circle of "Dal Pals" .  Our journies together have taken us all over the United States looking for ways to celebrate and to finding ways to contribute to  improvimng  this special breed. 


We are very excited about our first litter of Dalmatians due late September of 2016! 

Owner/ Breeder: Carey Moreschini ~ 719-251-5463 ~ carey@dalsalley.com
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