The "Girls" of Dal's Alley Dalmatians


GCH Summit and Dal's Alley Let 'Er Rippa

DOB:  11/08/2014 / CHIC# 117485 / NP38519403 / Liver & White

Sire: "Costner" GCHS Trailspotter N Summit's Big Slick ROM CA BCAT

Dam:  "Taylor" GCH Summit And Polaris Leading Lady BN RA


Ahhh, this magnificently beautiful daughter of Coster & Taylor, still stops my heart when I look at her!  When she was born, we thought it may be a mistake to name her Rippa for fear that she may live up to her name,  but oddly enough, Rippa remains the biggest couch potato of the house.  A true beauty in the ring, titles in the Conformation arena came easy, but Fast Cat on the other hand, in Rippa's mind, is an opportunity to smile and greet the bystandsers as she skips gleefully down the 100 yard course.  Just shy of her Fast Cat title, we plan to complete this goal in the near future and for now, just relish in her happy and stress-free take on life.


CH Trailspotter Summit Queen Of Hearts BCAT

DOB:  03/22/2013 / CHIC# 114626 / NP34181806 / Black & White




Said with a tear in my eye, Paris is the girl that started it all and continues to be the Matriarch for Dal's Alley and she will forever hold a large and special place in our hearts! 


As a brand new breeder looking for that perfectly healthy and happy pedigree background, I settled on Paris to be that first dog that I would breed and she has certainly gifted her offspring with great health and even greater dispositions and drive. 


Her owner's (Tim and Marion) were trusting enough to allow her first litter to be experienced with me and to support and follow my new vision... and out of  a total of 2 beautiful litters, she has not dissappointed me with puppy wins that include lifetime Dalmatian Club of America's achievements of Best in Futurity (Sicily-2017) and Best of Winners (Ragnar-2018).  Excitingly, there's still a few of her offspring shining in the ring today and even a few more shining in performance events like Rally, Agility, Scent Work, Fast Cat etc (Pacino, Archer, Cricket, Fetti, Prada from the Sicilian Mobsters and Moonshiners litters). 


Sadly, Paris lost her "daddy-owner" Tim which was a large blow to Paris and to all of us who knew him and due to a present illness of her "mommy-owner" Marion, Paris lives with us here in our home with her brother Coster, her daughters Sicily and Cricket, her son Pacino, her grandaughters Wallenda and Circa and grandson Hugo and will continue to do so for as long as necessary.  In Paris's retirement from making babies, Greg and I feel blessed to to wake up with her under our arms every day and relish in the moments, when we can introduce her to new things...Paris is just a handful of points away from her title in Fast Cat but has so much still in store to accomplish!


GCHS Dal's Alley & Summit's Keep The Change RN CA BCAT

DOB:  09/17/2016 / CHIC# 135976 / NP44156905 /  Liver & White


Dam:  "Paris" CH Trailspotter Summit Queen Of Hearts


Well what can I say, THINGS GOT REAL with (Salty) Sicily!  For most of her life, she answers more naturally to the name "Sicily-No" than to her actual name "Sicily"


Originally, Sicily was set to be sold into a Show Home at 9 weeks of age but when that home (along with 1 or 2 others) fell through, Greg and I were prepared to keep her and make her a formal Dal's Alley "Moreschini" and from there, Sicily became evidence of the true powers of the Univers and a true testiment to the fact that "all good things happen for a reason".  


Sicily takes great pleasure in challenging and out-thinking me at just about everything...and I thank her everyday for making me a better exhibitor, a better trainer and a better, more patient person.


Currently Sicily is the Dam of the (Noah x Sicily) litter the Dal's Alley "Big Tops" and as we speak, those puppies are just entering the ring to embark on their Conformation titles although I know that if they inherited Sicily's drive, many of them will go on to accomplish so many other things within the Performance venues as soon as they are old enough.


Today, Sicily is pregnant with her second litter (Jester x Sicily due January 27th 2021) the Dal's Alley "VaudeVillians", and as soon as we we conquer this next stage of her life, we look forward to having fun over the next couple of years.


Sicily's biggest accomplishment was winning the Dalmatain Club of America's Best in Futurity title but has since gone on to add a Grand Championship title in front of her name along with Scent Work, Fast Cat, Lure Coursing, and Rally titles behind her name.  She is currently working on a future Agility title.




BIS GCHS  Dal's Alley & Summit Moonshine Music

DOB:  03/11/2019 / CHIC#            / NP54293901 /  Black & White

2-Time DCA Top 20 Qualifier

Sire: "Panda" GCHG Bayside's Good Fortune CA CGC TKI 

Dam:  "Paris" CH Trailspotter Summit Queen Of Hearts BCAT


Oh Cricket!  We thought things hit the fan with Sicily but we had NO IDEA!  Circket is super-model

beautiful with a mind that never stops scanning for things to get into...always glued to my side unless she is getting into trouble!


Inheriting her mother "Paris's" sweet disposition, life is all about fun and getting away with everything possible that she can.  Cricket finished her Championship easily in just a few shows but unfortunately, COVID robbed her and so many other Dal puppies from making their debut at the 2020 Dalmatian Club of American National.  We hope this year will give us the opportunity to show off this gorgeous girl to our fellow breeders and peers.  




DOB:  05/23/2020 / Chic#            / NP61503803 /  Liver & White

Sire:  "Noah"  BISS GCH CH Prestige's Another Day In Paradise ROM BN RN NA NF CAA BCAT CGCA TKN

Dam:  Sicily" GCH Dal's Alley & Summit's Keep The Change RN CA BCAT


Wallenda (from the Dal's Alley "Big Tops" (Noah x Sicily litter) was the puppy inside Sicily that became Greg's before she was ever born into the world.  Greg told Sicily every evening while he stroked her belly that there was a liver puppy girl inside that was JUST LIKE HER...well, shockingly, there was just one and she became "Wallenda"!


With her grandmother "Paris" and mother "Sicily's" drive, tenacity and stubborness, we can only imagine what the next few years has in store for us and Wallenda!



DOB:  05/23/2020 / Chic#            / NP61503803 /  Black & White

Sire:  "Noah"  BISS GCH CH Prestige's Another Day In Paradise ROM BN RN NA NF CAA BCAT CGCA TKN

Dam:  Sicily" GCH Dal's Alley & Summit's Keep The Change RN CA BCAT


"Circa" (also from the Dal's Alley "Big Tops" (Noah x Sicily litter), was yet another testiment to the saying that "everything happens for a reason",   From almost the day Circa was born, because of her striking beauty and ability to be photogenic, she was the puppy that people were immediatley drawn to, and while she is extremely smart and quitely calculated, she also exhibits a poise and "old soul" personality unlike any other puppy in our home.


Originally sold into a show home in another state, after just about a week, "Circa" was brought back to her Dal's Alley home when we could see problems on the horizon with her new owner. At that point, only the best would do for this strikingly beautiful girl and so the rest is history as she made her official re-entry into the Dal's Alley forever family.


Although with just one weekend of showing in puppy fun matches under her belt "Circa" has had great early success in the conformation ring.  We are hopeful that as things begin to open up again, she will find familiarity in the ring with her sister Wallenda and brother Hugo and experience great successes.

Owner/ Breeder: Carey Moreschini ~ 719-251-5463 ~

We are Proud Members of the Dalmatian Club of America.

Breeder:  Carey (Greg) Moreschini


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