*** Applications Being Accepted For The Moonshiners! ***

                                                                WEEK 1

Meet the notoriously lovable Dal’s Alley and Summit Moonshiners! While some may refer to them as criminal, others hale them as heroes as they work to keep a dry country from getting thirsty!
The Moonshiner’s are led by their infamous "Pa Panda” and "Ma Paris” as they live their lives buried deep in the thick back country where they raise their 11 children and make their living hunting, trapping, bootlegging and running from the wrong side of the law. The Moonshiner’s will have you know, that selling illegal alcohol and making a mint isn’t just a man’s game so it isn’t at all uncommon for the Moonshiner’s women to have their still up and running to help support the family as they help their four brothers supply the local speakeasy.
"Ma Paris" is a natural beauty with an abundance of grit and tenacity, running a tight ship via large moonshine production and an unassuming laundry business that successfully feeds the family. "Ma Paris" tasks her kids to deliver her clients clean clothes along with a flask or two of drink, tucked down deep in the laundry.
"Pa Panda" is better known for his striking good looks, his love for beautiful women, and running liquor into the city by stealing from other bootleggers and selling his new acquired stock. Some say that he’s been away for some time and his whereabouts remains a mystery.
The Moonshiner’s tales run as deep as the woods they live in. We invite you to follow their antics over the weeks ahead.
For more information about The Moonshiners or to request an application for ownership, please visit DalsAlley.com or email Carey Moreschini at Carey@DalsAlley.com. 719-251-5463
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