The Easy Process of Owning a Dal's Alley Dalmatian

Step 1- Puppy Application

This is the first step in getting to know you and your family! We’ve developed our application questions to help ensure a Dalmatian puppy from us is going to fit well into your life. The puppy application is a free, no obligation way to introduce yourself to us as a potential new family. It will also give us an idea of where your family is at in the process of getting a new puppy. Do your best to answer each questions as best you can, longer doesn’t necessarily mean better, just write from the heart.

Step 2- Application Screening

As responsible breeders, we personally screen EVERY home our puppies go to and we make "No Bones" about admitting that we are extremely picky about who we choose to receive one of our puppies!  If we have further questions for you based on your application, we will email to schedule a telephone or Zoom interview to chat. For those families interested in a reservation invitation, we will get back to you as soon as we can, to let you know that you are being considered.

In the event you do not receive a reservation invitation, DON’T WORRY it just might mean you aren't in the right place in life at this moment to welcome a rambunctious Dalmatian Puppy. If things change, feel free to submit another updated application.

 Step 3- Ivitation to a Private Zoom Meeting

As soon as puppies arrive we will begin reaching out to schedule a little "Face Time" via Zoom to begin our interview process.   Keep in mind that if you are selected to sit on our Reservation List, all "Show" prospect homes will decide on their puppies first and then "Pet" prospect homes will be considered for their puppy.  This process can seem grueling and frustrating for some but since "Show Home" puppies are slated to be an extension of a breeding program (that is critical to our breed and something we are very proud of), we take our time in making all puppy placement choices.   There is no guarantee until after the 8 week Puppy evaluations as to what puppy will be going into what home.  Again (underscored) we know and understand that the process can be tedius and our only advice;  please be patient.  The more flexible you are regarding puppy color and sex, the more likely you will end up with a puppy.  

If you are not initially promised a puppy, just know that we keep all our applications and will call families later if a placement happens to come available we don’t have a reservation for.  Just know, if you are serious about having one of our puppies, getting your application and deposit in early is best!

Step 4- Reservation List & Puppy Cam Access

We are now ready to accept deposits!  If you do not end up with a puppy in the end, all Reservations are non-refundable but do “Roll Over” to the next litter. We ask a 10% paid reservation applied to the final price of your puppy to secure a position on the list. Reservations are secured in the order they are received. We breed very selectively and only breed when it makes sense to do so to advance the breed;   do not mass produce puppies and while we may have two litters in a year, we may also not have a litter for 2 or 3 years if the right opportunity does not present itself.


All litters are subject to the laws of mother nature (we can breed a mom and have on average 0-8 puppies, we never know exactly). We will announce puppies by the time they are 1-2 weeks of age and we feel as though the litter is thriving. We welcome email contact and Puppy Cam use throughout the process and will try our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Step 5- Perfect Placement

We place our puppies based on the right fit for both the dog and family living situation.  Though many of our puppies could go on to show homes, we often choose companion homes that will value them for their good looks, soundness and unique personalities but with that said, "Show" homes get first priority since we consider them an extension of our own breeding program. We place all our puppies regardless of physical characteristics such as gender, size, or color as these tell us little about the emotional intelligence of an individual Dalmatian. If you are only interested in a specific color/marking or a "guaranteed" show dog, please contact another breeder who will make those promises. There are several and we do not happen to be one of them.

Step 6- Puppy Pick-Up

So the day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! We will help schedule your pick up and do everything on our end to make things as seamless as possible. We try hard to make pick up day a joyous event, we know how long you’ve been waiting and are excited to celebrate your new family member with you.

All Puppies will go home with a “Puppy”  packet including:

Shot records & Health certificates (as needed for flying families)

AKC REUNITE Microchip Registration

TRUPANION 30 days of FREE Pet Insurance

Limited AKC Registration

Spay/Neuter Companion Contract

We live fairly close to a major airport and families are welcome to make arrangements to fly to pick up their puppy and take him/her home as a carry-on pet. Usually our puppies are just small enough to fit in a “Sherpa” bag to go home to farther destinations. Otherwise, currently, we are offering an additional "Nanny" service through Fur N Flight which would come with an additional cost per direct arrangements with the company.  Though we know some families would love to meet their puppies’ mom, dad, grandma, grandpa etc. due to COVID-19 we are not allowing in-home visits with the older dogs as they are always in close contact with us as our family members.

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A Word About "Puppy Culture"

Puppy Culture in the simplest terms is a series of protocols based on behavioral research that have been compiled and made into a film by Jane Killion, a very successful Bull Terrier Breeder.   From the minute we dove into the Puppy Culture videos, we couldn't wait to put we had learned to the test with all future litters. Needless to say, we are committed to raising our puppies during the first 12 weeks of life using the Puppy Culture program.  We HIGHLY (and I can't say it in caps loud enough) encourage you to view puppy culture in advance of getting any puppy, be it from us or another reputable breeder.  It will give you a strong foundation in how your new family member is wired and insight on how to start communicating with them!

Owner/ Breeder: Carey Moreschini ~ 719-251-5463 ~

We are Proud Members of the Dalmatian Club of America.

Breeder:  Carey (Greg) Moreschini


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